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This blog was started in spring, a couple of weeks before the pesach and memorial of Messiah’s death. Spring is a time of year when mankind remember its strife for liberty. And freedom sure was a characteristic of the theology of Jesus.

Freedom from what? From the power structures and double standards of established contemporary leaders. It did not go without conflict and they had him executed after three years.

When a person is dead, he can no longer influence society directly, so Jesus charged his disciples with continuing God’s ministry. Each year when they assembled to eat unleavened bread, they recalled how people, because they did not really know God, allowed them selves and their children to be misled by their religious leaders (Matthew 9:36) and allowed even the execution of some of God’s messengers (Luke 20:9-19).

When we remember Christ’s death, it does not matter so much if we do it exactly at the start of 14 Nisan, what ingredients are used, how many share the meal or what procedures are followed. What matters is to remember the never ending strife for freedom we have inherited, and a search for God’s true character and will. We have to be brave.

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