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Independent Swedish Media

Somewhat off the topics of this blog, as most people in Sweden today are unable to find even a single newspaper that is independent of the parties that are represented in parliament, and as this situation has turned the state into a reality-averse bubble, here’s a selection of relatively independent media.

Comments? = Are comments usually allowed; according to which comment system?
G = Google/Blogspot, W = WordPress, 鉁旓笌 = In-house.

Free? = Is all content free or does some content require subscription?

Ac.? = Are they independent of state financed academic institutions?

Company/Ass. (Brands) Comments? Free? Ac.? Link
Cornucopia? G 鉁旓笌 鉁旓笌
In Beijing W 鉁旓笌 鉁旓笌
Blendow (Dagens Juridik) 鉁旓笌 + 鉁旓笌
IDG 鉁旓笌 鉁旓笌
Spanaren 鉁旓笌 鉁旓笌
I 脰st 鉁旓笌 鉁旓笌
Curie 鉁旓笌 鉁旓笌 Nope
Forskning och Framsteg 鉁旓笌 Nope
FT News Gr. O脺 (Fria Tider) + 鉁旓笌

Comments to this article that mention or suggests news papers or media sites that receive grants from the state (Presst枚d/Partist枚d), that publish whole articles from the monopoly news agency or that are controlled within the so called Public Service [sicut] framework, will be removed as the topic is independent media. Comments that suggest news sites that might really be independent are most welcome, as are corrections.