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Words for ‘black’

In an attempt to reduce disorder in the universe, let’s have an overview of the words that various languages use to name the colour black.
Hebrew: shechor- 砖讞专 > Aramaic chrthutha ‘darkness’ 讞专转讜转讗
Galilean: aikum 讗讬讻讜诐
The Syriac word for ink: dyw 軙軡軜 looks similar to Welsh du/tywyll ‘black’. I don’t know if they are relatives.
Greek: 渭苇位伪谓
鈥 Latvian: m臋lns ‘black’, mellene ‘blueberries’
鈥 Lithuanian: m臈lynas ‘blue’, m臈lyn臈 ‘blueberries’
鈥 (?) Telugu: nallani (looks related but who knows)
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