Much like the printing press caused knowledge to abound in the end, so do the blogs. This blog will attempt to lay a few pieces of the puzzle that is the scriptural foundation of Christianity. It will not only deal with religion but much with language, philosophy, forgotten news and the little pieces of life.

Basti Weidemyr
User id here is ‘sestir’. I may be contacted by leaving a comment to any article or by sending a mail to my username, where the domain is gmail.com.

Yeihos Bokos

“Yeihos bokos” is Gothic and means “holy scripture(s)”. The blog is called so because it is devoted to studying holy scriptures. Profane scriptures will be studied as well in order to better understand languages that are used in early translations of the bible, languages such as Gothic and Koine Greek.

2 Timothy 3: 14, 15

脧镁 镁u framwair镁is wisais i虉n 镁aimei galaisides 镁uk
But you, henceforth be in those things you were taught

jah gatrauaida sind 镁us witands at 茣amma ganamt 路
and you commited to, knowing by whom you received them,

Jah 镁atei us barniskja weihos bokos kun镁es 镁os mahteigons 镁uk
and that from childhood you have known holy scripture, that enable you

usfratwjan du ganistai 镁airh galaubein 镁o 茂n xristau 脧esu :
to discern salvation through commitment, that in christ Jesus.

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