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Latest update of this comment policy: 2015-05-02.
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  • Posts that violate laws of Sweden or the European Union.
  • Posts that fail fact check more than what can be ascribed to ignorance.
  • Posts that misrepresent another person’s statements or cites them inaccurately.
  • Posts that are off topic if either the new or the old topic is controversial, if they are on a static page or if the change of topics would have obstructed an otherwise lively discussion.
  • Flooding – the act of making long nonsense posts to hide other commenters’ contributions.

Moderation does not happen daily. If you need something removed immediately, please ca1I: 0046-705806460. The first few comments by a user may be pre-moderated, so they show up within a few days.
Your comments are of great value!
(This is a static page so comments need to be on topic.)

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