Privacy Policy

Previous version: 2018-03-17 and changes between the two are underlined.

Collected Information
Weihos collects this information from visitors: IP-number. Reason is to defend the site against spam and attacks. I may encrypt it but do not count on me to do that but use a proxy if you wish to be anonymous in case a third party would gain access to the server file system.

Persons who comment are required to fill in their email address which is kept in order to approve or moderate future comments from the same person. I will delete comments and email addresses upon request by email or comment. See the about-page.

IP-number and e-mail may be stored in Romania, Denmark, Sweden and/or the United Kingdom.

Weihos sets a cookie in order to remember between pages which transcription of characters you are viewing. The cookie is stored in your computer’s memory and not on Weihos’ servers. It is a tiny record which expires after one week, containing a timestamp, a short text label: “transcription” and a value of 0 or 1. We save none of that information and you can delete the cookie in your browser’s preferences panel if you wish.

If you leave a comment on you may additionally opt-in to saving your name, email address and website URL in cookies. These are for your convenience so that you will not have to fill in your details again when you leave another comment. These cookies last for one year.

You agree to my collection of the above mentioned information by your continued usage of and agree not to hold me accountable for other peoples’ abuse of any personal information you supply which I haven’t asked for.