Scriptures in Gothic


Latin Wulfilan

Aiwaggeljo jah Toja Pawlaus Aipistaules Anþaros Bokos
Matþaius Rumonim Hebreija
Markus 1 Kaurinþaium Ïakobis Aipistaule
Lukas 2 Kaurinþaium Paitraus Aipistaule
Ïohannes Galatim Ïohannis Aipistaule
Toja Apaustaule Aifaisium 2 Ïohannis
Filippaium 3 Ïohannis
Kaulaussaium 2 Paitraus
1 þaissalauneikaium Ïudins
2 þaissalauneikaium Andhuleins
1 Teimauþaius
2 Teimauþaius
Witoþ Frodeins Praufeteis
1 Mosaiboka Nehaimia
2 Mosaiboka Aisteir

Black text is preserved readings from ca 6th century.
Olive text was recreated from preserved text through an allusion.
Red text is probable spelling/grammar errors.
Brighter text was not preserved but has been translated into Gothic recently by members of the gothic-l mailing-list or by other cited contemporaries.


  1. Hi Basti,

    In the gothic-l group you can find quite a large translation of Romans in the files, why don’t you put it here too? And are you able to let the website use the Skeirs font in Gothic unicode, or an option for that? In that way people can also view it on an Android.

    1. Migrating to VPS took all the time I had alotted to Gothic in the spring of 2016, and I noticed when I entered ?iudanis translation of Nehemiah that it was of good quality in the first 20 or so verses but opted for simple solutions rather than equivalence in the following verses and chapters. It is probably the same with Romans, so, my plan is to apply LlamaNom’s fixes and a few of my own before putting it online here.

      I dare not name a date when I can do this a t m, but I am encouraged by feedback. 🙂

      1. That’s excellent Basti. I might be able to contact Thiudans and ask him if he has made any more translations.

        There is a problem though. Most links lead to a 404 page. Could you add pages with either the attested texts or reconstructed ones so that it doesn’t lead to 404 anymore?

  2. Hi, i tried to use the septuagint where possible to create reliable translation. Please correct where possible.

    1. Happy new year!
      At least I found time to migrate to SSL/HTTPS and fix most character issues this holiday. ^^

      (testing half-anonymous comments with SSL)

    2. Hey, are you thiudans from the Gothic-L group? Could you contact me? You can use the contact form on Himma Daga.

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