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Was the Wuhan Virus nCoV2019 sent by God?

This will be a short post to let you know that I’m not dead yet. :}

The first thing to note is that the persons who suggest that this virus would have been “sent from God” or a “gift from God” are mostly atheists who scorn the Christians and their God. The second thing to note is that the same people often advocate the virus, claiming that it is not dangerous for young persons (which it is) and criticizing the attempts that most people do to avoid getting infected.

Amos 3:7 reads:

Will a trumpet sound in a city, and the people not be terrified?
Will there be evil in a city, which the Lord did not do?

For the Lord God will not do a thing unless he reveals instruction to his slaves the prophets. (NETS)

Maybe it was just me who missed the prophecy in this case, but as far as I know there was none. This text in Amos also hints that “Lord God” sometimes is blamed for things that other persons do.

Our divine Lord rarely if ever targets the whole world at once, but only some areas where his actions can make a positive difference. I’d like to point out that this also holds true for the Deluge, because what is translated as “the whole world” in many bibles is Hebrew “kol ha arets” which could just as well mean “the whole land”. COVID-19 as the Wuhan Virus sickness is officially called, has now been recognized as a pandemic, that is to say a globally spread disease. That is almost like an official recognition that it wasn’t sent by the god of the Christians.

However, this expression “the Christians” can be a bit ambiguous. There exists a tendency for people who are born to Christian parents to assume that they themselves are Christian without really having researched their own faith, history or holy scriptures. Perhaps they do know a few things their parents have taught them, and so when life becomes tough, they turn to their culture and try to find concepts that will help them manage and deal with various problems.

Some might find a connexion between the divine and light and begin to think that this has something to do with skin colour. But it isn’t so simple.
Some persons will read about how the Roman emperor Constantin introduced Christianity to the Roman Empire and might think that God is just people with a lot of power. But it isn’t so simple.
Some will note that God comes across as very intelligent throughout the whole Old Testament, and so does Jesus in the NT, and conclude that God is the person with the most IQ. But it isn’t so simple.

People who adhere to such heresies could be behind the Wuhan Virus, but I see no particular reason to think so.