A brief note on the pandemic and my health

I was infected in mid January. Since the Wuhan virus was rare in Sweden at that time, it is relatively likely that it was “a drop”, that is someone got it in the mail and smote it on the driver-side door handle of my car.

I have an average immune system so should be able to recover, but:

1. I could not control the temperature of my apartment and it relies on a fan which needs to be running day and night to push out poisonous particles from the ground. This means I have a cold airflow passing my bed at night. Usually it just adds one day to recovery from colds and influenza. In this case it added much more.

2. Since nCoV-2019, as COVID-19 was called back then, was not supposed to exist where I lived, I did not take appropriate measures from the start. Doctors were particularly unhelpful, claiming there were zero chances that I might have the New Corona Virus. One of them even made fun of the fact that all neighbouring countries had closed their borders so that I would not be able to receive any help from health care in other countries. I hadn’t brought up that option.

3. Lots of people around me advised me to cure it with whisky and honey. This is a very bad piece of advice as whisky pretty much turns off the immune system and sugar helps the virus replicate in some way. Even though the persons who gave me bad advice weren’t necessarily my enemies — for they could in turn have received the bad advise from their own enemies whom they trusted — it became clear to me that most people around me want me to die. I drank one bottle of whisky and ate 4 jars of honey before realizing that it was bad. Since I don’t usually drink alcohol I hadn’t had a reason to consider its effects on the immune system. This illustrates an important principle, namely, people who have always stayed away from bad things are the most likely to get punished over them, if punishment is meted out on a large or collective scale.

At this point, though I am an optimist, I cannot see how I can survive in theory.
Update May 24: In practice, it seems to improve so that I may be fully cured in a few weeks. 🙂

The key for me to get help from the health care system is to show up in a town where they don’t know who I am and try to distract them from asking for my PIN. I have been denied referral to a specialist on one occasion by a doctor citing my being Christian (I am not a member of any church though) and suggesting that I shouldn’t burden the healthcare system when my god is “almighty” and could fix it for me.

At the end of last year I had to choose between staying in the unemployment funds or being able to travel freely. I chose travel because I wanted to move to another country. However each time I try to emigrate I suffer extreme unluck which cannot be explained by random things happening but which must be caused by my many enemies and their cult. Obviously, I will run out of money at some point, perhaps next winter.

Sweden today is all about making the sins people commit hit other persons than those who committed them. For me who hardly commit any sins at all (depends on how you count), it is an extremely bad regime. I want you who read this article to look favourably on my attempts to recover and to leave Sweden and perhaps help me if we get a chance. (my enemies want you to think that I deserved all of this and that I might be dangerous) But also to realize what is going on in the Western World. This is like a black hole. Perhaps we should call it a red hole. I am on the wrong side of the event horizon, thus powerless, and most people on the outside of it think their community is strong enough to reject the spread of the extreme anti-theistic world order. You have to act now!

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