16 causes of Sweden’s migration crisis

Many people ask: “Why did they do this to us?” and “Why couldn’t they just accept that we didn’t want any more immigration?”

It would be nice to have an answer to point them to, even though in some cases the question is meant to be “rhetoric” in the sense that they would prefer if everybody pretend that it is too difficult to answer.

I picked the 16 most effective causes I could think of and I will not call them “reasons” because reason speaks against this country’s policies. The list is probably not perfect and as usual, I welcome feedback.

1. (Minor cause) In the multitude of a nation is a king’s glory, but in people’s fading is the ruin of a ruler. — Proverbs 14:28.

Politicians prefer it if people move to their state than if they move from it for it seems to indicate that it would function better than other countries. Today, however, it doesn’t work that way since sovereign states have more control over citizens’ minds than in the past, and so if a sovereign state wants to convince somebody that it is a good place to move to, it can do so even if it is much worse than the place that person is leaving.

2. (Minor cause) Liberal and conservative parties make up a block in Swedish politics, which is mostly split in two blocks. This block had an idea that when socialists raised taxes and made it perilous running businesses, then productive people should emigrate in order to starve the government of tax revenue. The counter-measure from the socialists were, of course, to replace them with other people. They figured that what was needed to prevent the liberal-conservative block from winning back power was to make Sweden an attractive destination for migrants.

3. (Medium cause) Sweden’s geographical location in the far northern part of Europe meant that it was difficult for people to get there from Africa and the Middle-East. This enabled governments to hand residence permits to almost anybody who made it there. When large numbers of migrants began to wander by foot through Balkan in 2015, the government was able to let most of them stay by simply reacting very slowly and pretending to be taken by surprise.

4. (Major cause) Feminism is a thing in Sweden. However many gentlemen have ignored that phenomenon, perhaps thinking that imagining a war between the genders would help ladies get in the mood for romance. Unfortunately, the war was real and mass-immigration has served to tilt the sex ratios so that boys have become superfluous and girls have become scarce. The generous migration policies are strongly supported by female feminists.

5. (Medium cause) Sweden is a very centralized society and it becomes more so every year. Political decisions get made and mulled in Stockholm, the capital city which is home to 20 % of Sweden’s capita. Since it is a city, it is urban – very much so. People who live there think in urban ways, they like big cities and wouldn’t mind if Stockholm would grow further. It is very natural for them to be positive of more immigrants since they like to be surrounded by masses of people, and they would welcome a transformation of Sweden from a rural society with moral and honour to an urban society with vanity and deceit.

6. (Major cause) It is quite easy for a block which has many of its loyalists employed by the sovereign, to convince immigrants to vote for their parties in the first election where they are eligible to vote. The more migrants they import, the more votes they will get five years later.

7. (Minor cause) Some parties and officials prefer secular immigrants, some prefer christians, some prefer sunni muslims. When one group has gained control of the migration authority, they will of course want to use it to the max by receiving as many as possible of their own favourite philosophy of life.

8. (Medium cause) Of course Islam has its missionaries that spread it, just like some have traveled from Europe to Africa and other places thinking they would be qualified to teach those peoples about God, healthcare, democracy and/or human rights. In addition, though I’m no expert on this, it seems emigration is considered to be comparable to monasticism, that is a way to serve God. No wonder people do it en masse. And there are some people in the Middle East who can afford to pay some money to facilitate it.

9. (Major cause) The more violent the people who arrive are, the easier it is for a government to use them as a threat which would seem to justify mass surveillance, closed borders, longer prison terms, curbed freedom of speech et c. This is actually Christmas eve for totalitarians.

10. (Medium cause) Dilution has many times been used by empires to further subjugate a conquered nation. By mixing nations it is possible to create large super nations full of rootless people who can be used to fight new wars and gain even more power. Not easily though. But politicians love challenges. Except challenges posed by conquered nations. So the mixing becomes a continuous and endless cause for any paranoid emperor and his social media tail.
By the way, this mixing also shatters languages, at least the morphology, so that things like subjunctive mood, causative, genders and middle person verbs tend to fade away, as these are a low priority for a migrant who needs to learn a new language quick. It is important for philosophy and people who want to contribute toward a better world, more peaceful societies or the advancement of science. Screw us!

11. (Minor cause) The desperation and chaos that people suffer during their migration makes them vulnerable to various forms of abuse. For example it is much more difficult to defend yourself in court in a foreign country where you cannot afford a lawyer and perhaps don’t understand the language. People who like to abuse others love this.

12. (Minor cause) Sweden was relatively unaffected by World War 2 and being white and Germanic continued the habit of North European societies to be very organized and united. Some international observers seem to have encouraged increased migration from places like Africa for this reason to make citizens less obedient and more diverse. An alternative to African infusion would be libertarianism.

13. (Medium cause) Once migration reached certain levels, an industry grew up around it. Particularly housing, legal services, travel and interpretation. People who were invested in real estate or working as carpenters and the like became dependent on the new size of their industry. If immigration ebbed out, they might actually lose their jobs.

14. (Minor cause) Sweden is a bit extreme when it comes to sexually immoral liberty. Abortion is legal. Marriage isn’t, in the sense that if you go through a marriage ceremony, register it, exchange rings, promise to be faithful to each other forever, then one spouse may always invite some other person into the other spouse’s bed to have a sexual intercourse. So Sweden is really one of the most infidel countries in the world. Consequently if, per say, an African woman wants to leave her husband, one way of doing that is by convincing him that the family should seek a better life in Sweden. Once there, he will have no chances, no hope and no justice.

15. (Minor cause) Sweden has actually had some success with environmental policies and efforts, so much that the environmental issues have somewhat faded in importance. In order to create new challenges in this field it will always help with some extra population.

16. (Major cause) The Nordic countries, Canada, Siberia, Australia and other very northern or southern territories have served as a refuge for people who were intelligent but didn’t get along with their neighbours. So did deserts, remote islands and mountains. By raising taxes from these areas and distributing aid to people in Africa and war torn parts of Asia, the total human population on earth will grow so much that there will no longer be any refuges left for nice people to settle in. This means the nice people will get killed or have to become less nice in order to survive. Some people seem to want this development. Some of them are accelerationists, that is they want to make a destructive process proceed faster hoping that that will make it end sooner (which is unlikely). Some of them aren’t. Perhaps they really really hate mankind. Who knows?

In addition to the above mentioned considerations there exist perfectly fine reasons to allow a refugee asylum or to allow a migrant worker into a country and give them citizenship. However, such issues did not set Sweden apart from other countries and are not to be considered causes of the crisis. Migration in itself would not be a problem in a free and democratic society.

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  1. A good start!
    For number 6, you may need to explain that five years is all it takes in Sweden to become a citizen and vote.

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