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Getica IV by Jordanes 鈥 the united Goths

Translated from section IV of Jordanes’ Getica by the members of the Gothic Language List (gothic-l):
Giuseppe Pagliarulo, Matthew Carver, Tim O’Neill, Francise Czobor, Gerry Taylor, Brian Beck & Sean Crist.
Gothic is followed by Latin for easy comparison and more of Getica can be found here.

?? ?????????? ???????? ??????

?anuh us 镁izai Skadinaujon sye us smi镁jon aljakunje ai镁镁au aufto sye us kil镁ein 镁iudo mi镁 镁iudana seinamma, namin ?aireiks, 螕utans spillondau airis 镁au usgaggan: 镁aiei sunsei af skipam afsteigandans grundu attaitokun, anaks gebun sta镁a namo seinata. ?ah auk himma daga, sye merjada, haitada jainar 螕utaskadinaujo.
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On a train in Scania

I caught a train to K酶benhavn (Copenhagen) today, from H盲ssleholm in Scania. It had been a couple of years since I rode a train in Scania and the one thing that has changed since then is the composition of passengers with regard to their country of origin. It used to be 80% Nordic (Swedish/Danish/Scanian) but now it was less than 50% Nordic in my car in both directions.

I sat down next to two men who spoke Arabic, however the teenage boy across the gangway, and his family, spoke a language I could not guess 鈥 Albanian it would turn out. He asked me if I spoke English and was relieved that I did. Later when the family were pulling down their luggage from the racks he asked me if this was Malm枚 Central Station. I replied that, “Nope, it’s Lund. Malm枚 is the next stop”, and they avoided disaster.

The Arabs next to me said they were going to Copenhagen, yet got off in Malm枚. When the ticket-collector came by in the tunnel neath 脴resund, he asked another Arabic-looking family where they intended to get off. “Malm枚”, the man replied. “In that case you have travelled too far. This is Denmark.”
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Two likely Semitic loanwords in Gothic

Reconstructing Gothic, some say, involves a lot of extrapolation. Apart from Latin and Greek, there are not many sources of Gothic loanwords that are reasonably close to Gothic in place and time and that have a preserved corpus predating the Gothic. If there was, reconstruction would be based on interpolation which is more reliable than extrapolation. But there is Hebrew. Here are a few passages involving Gothic and Hebrew “ak” – a contrasting adverb or conjunctive, and the Gothic word for house “gards” compared with the Hebrew word for a temporary dwelling-place for guests “magor”.

????K (ak)
鈥 MS: Italy, 500 CE, text-type: Moesia 350 CE
Matthew 6: 18, except
ei ni gasaiwaizau mannam fastands ak attin 镁einamma 镁amma in fulhsnja
Matthew 7: 21, but only
ni wazuh saei qi镁i镁 mis frauja frauja inngalei镁i镁 in 镁iudangardja himine ak sa taujands yiljan
attins meinis
Matthew 9: 17, but rather
ni镁镁an giutand yein niujata in balgins fairnjans … ak giutand yein juggata in balgins niujans
Mark 1: 44, but
saiw ei mannhun ni qi镁ais yaiht ak gagg 镁uk silban ataugjan gudjin
John 16: 26, 27, for/since
ni qi镁a izyis 镁ei ik bidjau attan bi izyis ak silba atta frijo镁 izyis unte jus mik frijodedu镁
Ephesians 2: 9, 10, for/for indeed
ni us yaurstyam ei was ni wopai ak is sijum taui

讗讱 (ach)
Genesis 9: 4, but/only/except 鈥 MS: 1 000 CE, text-type: 600 CE Masoretic
谞转转讬 诇爪诐 讗转-讻诇 讗讱-讘砖专 讘谞驻砖讜 讚诪讜 诇讗 转讗讻诇讜
Leviticus 21: 23, but/only 鈥 MS: 1 000 CE, text-type: 600 CE Masoretic
讜诪谉-讛拽讚砖讬诐 讬讗讻诇 讗讱 讗诇-讛驻专讻转 诇讗 讬讘讗
Isaiah 45:14, for/for … except 鈥 MS: 200 BC Dead Sea scroll
讜讗诇讬讻讬 讬转驻诇诇讜 讗讱 讘讻讬 讗诇 讜讗讬谉 注讜讚 讗诇 讜讛讬诐

???????????????????? (gards) masculin noun
鈥 MS: Italy, 500 CE, text-type: Moesia 350 CE
Matthew 5: 15, house/room
jah liutei镁 allaim 镁aim in 镁amma garda
Matthew 9: 6, home/place
urreisands nim 镁ana ligr 镁einana jah gagg in gard 镁einana
Mark 3: 25, household
jah jabai gards yi镁ra sik gadailjada ni mag standan sa gards jains

(magor) masculin noun, related to 讙专 (geir) sojourner and 讙讜专 (gour) sojourn
Genesis 12: 10, sojourn 鈥 MS: 1 000 CE, text-type: 600 CE Masoretic
讜讬专讚 讗讘专诐 诪爪专讬诪讛 诇讙讜专 砖诐 讻讬-讻讘讚 讛专注讘 讘讗专抓
Genesis 37: 1, sojourning-place 鈥 MS: ca 50 BC DSS
[讜讬砖讘 讬注拽讘 讘]讗专抓 诪讙讜专讬 讗讘讬讜 讘讗专抓 [讻谞注谉]
Psalm 55: 16, camps?, Greek has 蟺伪蟻慰喂魏委伪喂蟼 鈥 MS: 1 000 CE, text-type: 600 CE Masoretic
讬专讚讜 砖讗讜诇 讞讬讬诐 讻讬-专注讜转 讘诪讙讜专诐 讘拽专讘诐
Haggai 2: 19, barn/granary 鈥 MS: ca 50 BC DSS
[讛注讜讚 讛讝专注 讘诪]讙讜专讛 [讜注讚 讛讙驻谉 讜讛转讗谞讛 讜讛专诪讜谉 讜注抓 讛讝讬转 诇讗] 谞砖讗 [诪谉 讛讬讜诐 讛讝讛 讗讘专讱]